• All new 4th and 5th grade Webelos will transition to the tan/olive Boy Scout Uniform – Webelos will no longer wear the blue uniform.
  • Diamond Webelos rank insignia will phase out and Webelos will use the OVAL rank insignia going forward.
  • Arrow of Light strip will no longer be worn on the Blue CS Uniform – it will only be worn on the tan uniform shirt.

The Webelos and Arrow of Light Uniform
Male Webelos Scout Female Webelos Scout

  • Shirt (Long or Short Sleeve)
  • Blue Shoulder Loops
  • Patches (see below)
  • Hat
  • Neckerchief
  • Slide
  • Pants or Shorts / Skorts
  • Belt
  • Socks
The tan shirt will last into Scouts BSA, so size it appropriately.

Short-sleeved shirts are recommended since the sleeves will still "fit" when too big.

The Uniform Code:

Your son or daughter should be encouraged to wear their uniform appropriately.  The shirt should always be tucked in and orderly. They should understand the importance of representing the entire BSA organization while in uniform.   

Time to Sew?

The inside of the handbook covers shows the proper location for all patches.

TIP: Badge Magic double-stick adhesive is much faster & easier than needle & thread.  It is available at the Scout Shop or on-line.

Patches You'll need to Buy:
  • Council Patch - Piedmont Council #420
  • Pack Numbers - 250
  • Veteran Pack Patch - "50"
  • Den/Patrol Patch - Chosen by the Den when they first advance to Webelos Rank.

Patches You don't need to Buy:

Any Rank Advancement Badge or Patch that your son or daughter earns will be awarded (at no cost) during the Monthly Pack Meetings.  You will need to sew them on, but they are provided.

Where to Purchase Items:

To get an idea of pricing, or to order items online, visit  This is the official online scout shop.  They should have the same prices as our local scout shop. Note that purchases made at our local scout shop will help support our  Council, while on-line purchases do not.

Before most pack meetings we normally make a trip to the Scout Shop.  You might contact the Advancement Chair if you need a patch or two - we might be able to save you a trip and pick them up for you at our cost.  You are also welcome to order any needed items online or however you like.

Wearing the Uniform

In general, every Cub Scout should wear his or her uniform to all Cub Scouting activities, including den and pack meetings, unit outings, and any activities done with members of the den or pack. 

When playing sports, going to camp, or participating in other physical activities, a pack may opt to have the Cub Scouts wear an alternate uniform, such as an activity shirt. These are sometimes referred to as Class B Uniforms.  

Pack leaders should provide advance notice of any occasion when the youth should wear anything other than the complete uniform.

Here are some tips for wearing the uniform:
  • DO keep the uniform clean and in good repair. The official uniform is a sturdy, machine-washable garment that will last for years with proper care.
  • DO be sure to wear the complete uniform. A Cub Scout wearing a uniform with parts missing is not in uniform.
  • DO NOT wear non-BSA badges, awards, or insignia on the Cub Scout uniform or make any alterations to the uniform or insignia.
  • DO NOT mix uniform parts with non-uniform clothing, such as wearing a uniform cap with other clothing. With the exception of the neckerchief, the uniform should be treated as a unit—worn in its entirety, or not at all.  
  • YOU MAY wear the neckerchief along with other clothing.
Any time you are uncertain about uniform regulations, ask the den leader for guidance.